HME Business, February 2018
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  Your Data
 Growing your business by
tapping into claims and
patient data.
 Providers Must
Mine the Deep
Roots of Their
Patient Data
Like ancient oak trees with roots that delve deep into the earth, HME providers can tap into vast storehouses of patient data  And truly, that data is worth a fortune 
As providers work to expand their revenue streams in the face of declining public and private payer reimbursement, they must work to maximize their existing patient relationships, and also develop new appeals that resonate with entirely new clients and referrals  The data that providers amass over the course of doing business and providing care can help make that happen 
Unfortunately, most providers aren’t leveraging their data to anywhere near the level they should be  They need to understand the elements that make up an effective data mining strategy and understand the sorts of measures, procedures and technology tools they need to implement in order to carry out that plan  Moreover, there are a number of concerns related to digging into and using patient data, such as legal considerations, that providers must incorporate into their data mining strategies 
This month’s cover story examines the various aspects of data mining and how providers can start digging into their patient data to produce results that will help their businesses grow 
Your Patient Data          Page 16
 February 2018 Volume 25, Number 2

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