HME Business, December 2017
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                                                                            How Providers Can Connect with Baby Boomers
Are Providers’
Marketing and
Sales Ready for
the Baby Boom?
As the Baby Boom has progressed through history it has left a massive impact  Whether it was the beginning of targeted youth market- ing, the summer of love, or the groovy disco era, the 76 4 million-person age cohort has dramatically in uenced American culture, politics and history  Now it’s impacting HME 
As a market of HME consumers, baby boomers greatly differ from previous generations  For starters, they lead extremely active lifestyles, with even their eldest members engaging in serious athletic pursuits, such as marathons and triathlons  Well into retirement, boomers want to keep living independently for as long as they can, and need medical products that help them do that 
Boomers also have re ned consumer tastes and want products to re ect them  Gone are the days of “bent metal” when it comes to HME  For instance, looking at bath safety products, Boomers want tastefully designed items that will look at home in their interior design  They expect HME products to re ect those kinds of consumer-culture sensibilities 
Those are just two facets of how the Baby Boom represents an entirely new marketing and sales challenge for HME providers  Read this month’s cover story to learn more 
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