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About Numotion About the Author
Numotion is committed to improving the lives of people As Numotion's CEO, not only is Mike responsible forthe
with disabilities by enabling them to actively participate strategic direction and growth of the company, but he’s
in everyday life. We are the nation’s leading and largest extremely passionate about the company's customers,
provider of products and services that promote mobility, employees and its mission — improving the lives of
health and personal independence. Our focus on people with disabilities by enabling them to actively
Complex Rehab Technology (CRT), urological supplies, participate in everyday life.
home accessibility, accessible vehicles and speech
solutions help meet the unique medicaland functional Mike has been outspoken in working alongside
needs of individuals with significant disabilities and industry leaders, influencers and policymakers, as well
medical conditions and provide them with as various industry groups and associations to improve
greater independence. healthcare access and inclusion for people with
disabilities. He has a passion to influence the betterment
These disabilities and conditions typically result from a of society and uses his role to be an advocate for
congenital disorder, a progressive or degenerative positive change.
Neuromuscular disease, or from injury, trauma or other
conditions that cause them to require mobility Mike has spent his entire career in the healthcare
equipment and lifestyle solutions. Typicaldiagnoses industry. Prior to joining Numotion in 2014, Mike spent
include Cerebral Palsy (CP); Multiple Sclerosis (MS); 22 years at the General Electric Company (GE) in the
Muscular Dystrophy (MD), which includes ALS; Traumatic healthcare services sector — his last role as President
Brain Injury (TBI); Spinalcord Injury (SCI); and Spina Bifida. and CEO ofGE Healthcare Services a $5 billion global
business unit of GE Healthcare.
Based in Brentwood,Tenn., Numotion has 150 locations
across the country, and serves more than 260,000 Mike is very active with several advocacy initiatives and
people annually. Our team of nearly 3,000 professionals associations including the ALS Association and the
are recognized as the best in the industry and are Muscular Dystrophy Association. In 2018 Mike created
committed to providing individualized, medically the Numotion Foundation and serves as its current
appropriate and cost—effective lifestyle solutions for President. The Numotion Foundation provides grants
our customers. to other S0‘I(c)3 organizations in the United States with
common missions to Numotion.
In addition to his advocacy work, Mike serves as a Trustee
for the Committee for Economic Development and was
recently named Board MemberforCareATC, a technology
driven population healthcare provider.
m o I: I o n®
m Mobility starts here.

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