Page 32 - Mobility Management, October/November 2020
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Where Numotion can Still Improve

For allthat we have done, there is still much more work
to do. We are continuing to find ways of driving a more
diverse culture, with a focus on hiring and promoting
diverse talent at all levels of the organization. We will
continue to listen, learn and respond to the various
concerns and needs of the employees across Numotion.
Ultimately this willgive us a different perspective on
how to grow the company, retain talent and better serve
our customers. We also are committed to working with
our business partners in further embracing their own
diversity and inclusion efforts as well as supporting ours.
Industry Benefits from a Similar Response
Collectively, we cannot go wrong by simply doing what is
right. The more focus that can be given to diversity

and inclusion across our industry can only help us
advance. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to
have worked with countless diverse individuals and
multiple ERGs.This has made me a better leader, mentor,
husband, father and human being. When we all
acknowledge the benefits of diverse perspectives, and
we listen and learn, we are better people creating better
companies and our communities become stronger. A
2019 Gartner study supports the notion that more
diverse companies who are reflective of their customer
base, are able to better serve their customers with
high—performing teams, resulting in exceeding financial
target expectations. While financial and performance
benefits are great, so are the benefits of driving
opportunities for historically disadvantaged populations.
As an industry, we can benefit from hiring and promoting
more people with disabilities into Key roles in our
organizations and ensuring racial, ethnic, sexual
orientation and other diversity categories are well
represented in key roles within our organizations. We will
become stronger by advancing the dialogue on racial
inequalities and facing directly into challenging discussions
that serve to open the minds of others.


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