Page 30 - Mobility Management, October/November 2020
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where Numotion can Still Improve

While we have just recently graduated ourfirst class of
a program we call Leadership Futures, in which we are
developing and growing the leaders of today and
tomorrow, and we have delivered numerous training
sessions to our branch operations managers as well as
our commercialteams to be more effective in their
jobs, we know we still have work to do with leadership
development and hiring. We need to develop more
leaders who embody the caring culture on a day in and
day out basis. We are also continuously working to
create opportunities for networking across functions
to allow our leaders to learn from one another how to
build an environment of energized and engaged
employees. Additionally, in the realities of the current
environment, we are continuing to find new ways for
more effective virtualtraining and onboarding.
Industry Benefits from a Similar Response
The ecosystem of companies serving people with
mobility—related disabilities is comprised of so many
individuals with compassion and commitment. As we
collectively raise the bar across all organizations to
demonstrate that caring and compassionate attitude
back to them, we will all benefit from a more energized
and engaged workforce that is even more focused on
serving the customer and delivering advancements and
innovation to the industry. Fueled by this energy and
compassionate culture, we can leverage our common
interests and collaborate more often, to have an impact
in areas like driving state and federal policy changes and
collecting necessary data on outcomes to advance our
collective mission.


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