Page 28 - Mobility Management, October/November 2020
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Q Where Numotion can Still Improve

While allof the responses and programs mentioned

go a long way to better assisting our Customers,

we know that in some instances we still fall short and
we need to get better. For example, we will expand to
24x7 service and repair coverage and we are driving
process changes to get to 100% live answer rate on calls
into our branches. We are making great strides to drive
down the amount of time it takes from evaluation to
delivery of mobility equipment, but we are far from
satisfied with our results to date. We willalso become
even more digital in how we interact with customers and
therapists. This will bring additionalspeed and simplicity
to our interactions. We have teams of people working on
these areas of improvement and we are committed to
continuously challenging the status quo in this industry.
Industry Benefits from a Similar Response
As the industry continues to pursue similar responses,
this will only benefit our collective customers who

very much deserve these additional efforts. Be it during
the continued healthcare crisis, or in communities
experiencing social unrest or climate related challenges,
our customers need continued innovation and a focus on
quickly and diligently meeting their needs in new ways.
The progress the industry is making with telehealth IS
not a short—term benefit. COViD—19 opened the door for
change, but the technology will continue to benefit
underserved rural markets and create efficiencies well
beyond the pandemic time period. in my first whitepaper,
Transforming the State of CRT from Within, I wrote
about the need forthinking differently and driving
collaboration in the industry. We can learn from one
another. in particular, with the technology solutions and
process improvements that we make mainstream.

There are many companies doing great things out there
in localand regionalmarkets to better serve customers.
We have seen this first hand as we have acquired
companies like Monroe Wheelchair, Carr Rehab,
Medsource Mobility and others that have each brought
us new ideas and ways of doing business. Harnessing
these perspectives and learning from one another,
especially at this time while the need is particularly
heightened, will make us all stronger and better able to
meet the critical needs of our customers.


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