Page 26 - Mobility Management, October/November 2020
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It would be understandable to get caught up in allthe
negatives. To focus only on the short term. To be
reactionary ratherthan purposefuland strategic. In a
challenging year like 2020, how we respond can make
all the difference in the world. when faced with multiple
crises and great uncertainty, it is actually an opportunity
to accelerate change at an individual, company and
Th. h b industry level.
. . There are ways to use a crisis as fuelto accelerate
U I1   a   I" I I1 "I  business growth and innovation. Challenging times can
. . help us get laser focused on whatisimportant and what
of  r   is not. When focused on mission and purpose, and armed
with the right perspectives, one can quickly eliminate
The global healthcare pandemic has meetings, initiatives, and projects that are not mission
tragically resulted in many lives lost and critical.The long term effects ofthis can and should
. build muscle memory and operationalfortitude in order
much sufferm9' It has created to keep this leveloffocus even when the crisis goes
significant economic disruption for away, That can create lasting and impactful
businesses and individuals. The social positive change.
unrest across the country, while
.. .. Th hldt t 'd"d ll l.F"t
posltwely ralsmg awareness‘ has also cri:eS:ir:: psrfesctrtjifnae faonr Ip1erIs/onlaal reeissctijrflgrgldrfnzch
C0“?-ributed to an unsettling like on the business side, a time to create clarity of
environment creatlng even more purpose as well. While we may feelthe need to just get
uncertainty, stress and new obstacles through each day, there is no better time to take stock
across all aspects of life. Natural '" Why We are domg WW We do and how We Spend
_ _ ourtime, energy and capital — both professionally and
d'5a5t-ers such as hurncanes and personally. No matterthe industry, finding purpose is
wi[dfires continue to add to the mix_ important. Forthose of us fortunate enough to be in the
business of helping provide mobility and independence,
For business leaders, the individual and cumulative that is not a challenging task. What we do inherently has
effect of these events present many challenges as meaning and purpose. But the test during trying times is
we determine how best to continue to serve our to make sure that we use it as a guide for the clarity and
customers, engage our employees, facilitate necessary purposefuldecision making that is so badly needed when
change, and position our businesses for the future. surrounded by chaos and negativity. One will rarely go
wrong when basing all energy and effort on fulfilling the
mission and purpose that brought so many of us into this
space in the first place.
Many individuals and companies have risen to meet the
circumstances brought on by 2020. i certainly don’t have
all the answers and Numotion as a company does not
either. But i wanted to share a small glimpse into how we
are responding and transforming through the events of
2020 with clarity and purpose and how we are growing
stronger as a team and, in my opinion, as an industry.

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