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It is important to the long—term health of any business to
always be adapting and driving growth. Most won't
survive without doing so. While there is a
temptation in a crisis to slow down in
order to address the events of the
moment, there is opportunity in doing
the opposite. Viewed through the right lens and at
the right time, a crisis can bring focus and clarity to an
organization's growth strategy. investing in what is core
to its mission and is of strategic importance in the long-
term, should serve as a guidepost to transforming the
R company and everyone in it.

 Transformation and growth during a crisis is a balancing
act. Initial focus is on making the right decisions to
protect short—term financial health when the crisis
disrupts an industry as was the case with the global

Ad a   a n d pandemic when the world changed in a matter of weeks.
. Periods of volatility, whateverthe cause, are certainly
      g h a times to keep the business as healthy as possible. Some
. . organizations and leaders may need to stay in this mode
 I S   u   for anuextended periodloftime as their industry dictates
it. Airlines and hospitality in the current environment are
   a n d G  good examples. But there comes a time in nearly every
crisis when accelerating through can lead to a defining
moment. when to push on that accelerator is not an easy
decision to make, but once made, it is important to have
clarity and conviction in the strategic investments
throughout the crisis at hand. Constant change of course
generally only leads to confusion, misalignment, and
poor results.Additionally, waiting until“post—crisis" to
0 driveinnovation and change can be alarming when
I others have leapt forward. Profound transformation of a
' ° ° ° ' ' ' ° ' ' 9 ' ' ° 0 3 0: companyand an industry, like ours, can occurwhen the

. lens is open to innovation and new ideas.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . This can come in severalforms.Technologyinnovation

O : isa great example such as driving telehealth in our
0 industry or finding newtools that drive better
| : communication and deliverfaster processes. Other
0 ways profound transformation can occur is via new
=§ : partnerships, new markets and entering adjacent
0 businesses. This applies to any industry, but for us, this
+ : means expanding ourscope to addressing the full
+ + 0 0 0 I I - 0 It 0 I I spectrum of our customers’ needs and ensuring that
1 historically underserved markets get the resources and

: attention that they desperately need.


' I I




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