FCW, August 15, 2016
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Reduce your storage costs and management time with NetApp’s Flash 3-4-5.
Flash storage isn’t just a performance play anymore. With NetApp, it’s now a 360-degree economic opportunity—affordable, efficient, and risk-free. We guarantee it. And less data management time frees you to focus on strategy, so you can do more with your data.
3X Performance, 4X Capacity, 5 Ways to Get Started
Flash 3-4-5 means that if you choose NetApp enterprise-grade all-flash arrays, you get:
• At least 3X performance improvement, guaranteed
• At least 4:1 total effective storage capacity improvement, guaranteed1
• An optional risk-free trial, a free controller upgrade option, and an
ability to extend your warrant
Contact Thundercat Technology for more details: www.thundercattech.com/netapp
A NetApp Star Partner
1. The 4:1 storage efficiency guarantee applies to NetApp All Flash FAS systems running ONTAP® 9.0 or later.
AUGUST 15, 2016 • VOLUME 30 NUMBER 13

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