Page 52 - Security Today, March 2022
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EAN Code Standard
SALTO Systems has introduced EAN13 stan- dardized barcodes into its product packaging answering to partners and channel needs. The EAN code is a 13-digit bar code used internation- ally to identify each product. The International Article Number (also known as European Article Number or EAN) is a standard describing a bar- code symbology and numbering system used in global trade to identify a specific SALTO product model, in a specific packaging configuration, with a unique identification number. The use of EAN codes across SALTO products will allow partners and installers in the identification and distribution of SALTO products and reduce the margin of error within their own channels.
Two-door Access System
Camden Door Controls has upgraded its industry- leading CV-603 BLE two-door access control system with virtual credentials. This advanced system now comes ready to support each system user with the credential of their choice, whether it be a mobile Apple® or Android® smartphone cre- dential, a prox card/tag, or two button wireless key FOB. Best of all, the system does not require an additional wireless receiver or Bluetooth® module - and there are no subscription fees. The CV-603 series (MProx BLE) is an app-based wire- less Bluetooth® managed access control system, designed to provide ‘best in class’ security of doors and gates. The CV-603 can accommodate up to 2,000 users.
Expand Genuine Presence
iProov has announced the publication of its new- ly-granted ninth U.S. patent, which combats the identity fraud epidemic of digitally or physically altered and forged U.S. driver licenses and gov- ernment ID cards. This extension of iProov’s Gen- uine Presence Assurance® technology focuses solely on the surface of the document and detects tampering with the photo and hologram patterns. Complementary to technology other organiza- tions have in the reading, analysis and fraud de- tection of documents, iProov plans to offer this new capability to its document and ID verifica- tion customers and partners. A user can verify a document using any device that is equipped with a camera and light (such as a mobile phone).
Feature-rich Intercom System
Aiphone has enhanced the IX Series PC Master Station Software. It now offers two easy-to-use options to turn any personal computer into a feature-rich intercom. The IX-SOFT and IXW- MA-SOFT give customers the option to choose between a portable, plug-and-play USB dongle to activate individual personal computers or a mul- tipurpose adaptor for a single PC, a group of five PCs, or a group of ten PCs. Since the adaptor uses inputs to send task commands to specific PC sta- tions, it provides increased security by remaining in a secure location instead of physically at the station. This adaptor option is important for com- panies who do not allow the use of USB dongles on computers.
Featuring Enhanced Usability
SAFR® from RealNetworks Inc. is offering ac- curate, fast, low bias face recognition and addi- tional computer vision features, today announced SAFR version 3.8. Available now, SAFR version 3.8 includes easy SSL support, updated enter- prise capabilities, and enhanced usability. SAFR’s AI-powered recognition with liveness detection quickly (within 0.3 seconds) and accurately veri- fies and displays the name of a matched person. In version 3.8, the SAFR Operator Console im- proves usability by adding a match association by color capability, additional anti-cluttering ca- pability, and quick access to live camera feeds through the alerts panel. These upgraded capa- bilities allow the end-user to move more quickly.
FACP-saver Calculator App
NAPCO Security Technologies is pleased to intro- duce the FREE “NAPCO StarLink FACP-Saver Cal- culator App” for Dealers’ smart devices. The FREE StarLink Fire® Savings Calculator App will help show prospective enduser/customers their actu- al annual savings with StarLink cellular vs. cop- per POTS lines on their Fire Alarm Control Panels. It’s easy. Open the App on any smartphone/de- vice, enter their # lines and leased line costs, and dealers can instantly show comparable budget- ary savings with cellular by month, year, or many years. When accounts have numerous locations, such as a retail chain, a school district, etc., that number can be inputted in the app too, showing exponential growth that the toughest of custom- er’s cannot refuse.

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