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Now Available in 32 MP
Vicon Industries continues its commitment to in- novation by introducing a 32MP version of the leading-edge Roughneck V2000 Multi-Sensor Se- ries. A single V2032 Multi-Sensor (with a single IP address and cable) replaces four separate 4K cameras, at a fraction of the cost. This also re- duces the time and expense of installation, setup, tuning, and maintenance. When compared to the 20MP version, this 32MP Multi-Sensor delivers approximately 30 to 40 percent more pixels on target, at the same distance and optical zoom settings. So at a distance, you will see more in- formation, and will be able to identify details from further away.
NDAA-compliant Surveillance
In its latest tech round-up video, IDIS America highlights its complete line up of NDAA-compli- ant cameras and recorders. Featuring HD and UHD network cameras, plus powerful NVR and enterprise-class PC servers that connect seam- lessly to a choice of VMS, IDIS’s end-to-end, NDAA-compliant solutions are now being chosen for a growing list of projects in sectors ranging from education, retail, hotels, data centers, and commercial office space. The updated IDIS cam- era line-up, designed for a wide range of settings and environments, includes a range of 2MP, 5MP, and 8MP domes, bullets, and turret cameras, plus the company’s best-selling and award-winning 5MP and 12MP IR Super Fisheyes. The new NDAA-compliant models come with IR, true WDR, IDIS Smart Failover, alarm in/out, and two-way audio and vandal resistance options.
PTZ Jobsite Camera
Sensera Systems introduces its smart PTZ job- site camera, with advanced monitoring capa- bilities. Among the feature-rich capabilities are Multi-location Time-lapse, capture as-built visual documentation, in unprecedented detail, of the locations that matter as the project progresses. Automated panoramas, automated panoramas allow for up to 360-degrees of high-resolution coverage (up to 100MP). Live stream with me- chanical PTZ control. Live video streaming with real-time pan/tilt/zoom (10x optical zoom) allows for active monitoring at very fine detail. Sensera offers new project pricing by lowering costs by 20 to 50 percent on construction and other tem- porary or portable projects.
Open-frame Vehicle Barrier
Delta Scientific has announced they successfully tested a 16-foot version of their DSC550 shallow foundation open frame barrier to M50/P1. Delta originally tested the 10-foot DSC550 in July of 2020. The new test was necessary to prove that the DSC550 will withstand the same impact at an increased length. In fact, the barrier was a bit stronger at this length producing a negative 1.1 foot level of penetration compared to a negative 0.36 foot penetration level from the original 10- foot version. The 16-foot DSC550 was tested to the new ASTM F2656-20 standard which mea- sures the penetration level from the leading edge of the barrier versus the back-side of the barrier like the previous standard. This can provide a dif- ference of up to five additional feet (1.52 m.) and makes the negative penetration level even more impressive.
Introducing the C-08 Camera
Oncam, the manufacturer of single-sensor fish- eye 360-degree cameras and video surveillance technology, has announced the C-08, a high per- forming, compact and easy-to-install 8MP cam- era that provides coverage of wide areas from a single viewpoint. Engineered and designed by Oncam and powered by the leading Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence Platform, the C-08 achieves complete situational awareness, at up to 60 fps. The recently launched Multi-mode technol- ogy allows users to stream up to four different views, while maintaining an impressive 30 fps on the primary stream while running three other streams.
Mobile Application Housings
DOTWORKZ is introducing BASH, the most versa- tile and rugged outdoor camera enclosure. Pro- fessional camera armor for all mobile, marine, and security video applications with IP68 pro- tection. Designed for all mini-dome, megapixel, micro PTZ, HD, and specialty cameras. Custom security camera housings. Paint your surveil- lance camera housing any color to match the installation site. Fortified camera housings with environment specific protection and camera type with long lasting paint and customizable options. Used with 360 degree camera, wide dynamic range, flood LED, micro PTZ IP camera, motion detection camera NVR, LPR camera, driving IR LED and low light wide angle camera.

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