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SECURITY TODAY SOLUTIONS Compiled by Ralph C. Jensen, Editor-in-Chief
Expanding the Family
TRENDnet® is excited to announce the addition of two new 10G switches to its Multi-Gigabit Product Solutions Family. The two new 10G switches are the 5-Port 10G Switch (TEG-S750) and the 6-Port 10G Switch (TEG-S762). Both cost-effective 10G switches deliver advanced high-bandwidth per- formance, ease of use, and reliability. The 5-Port 10G Switch, model TEG-S750, features five dedicated 10G ports, with a 100Gbps switching capacity. It also supports 2.5G and 5G connec- tions over Cat5e cabling (or better); 10G speeds are supported over Cat6A cabling (or better). The 6-Port 10G Switch, model TEG-S762, features two dedicated 10G ports and four dedicated 2.5G ports, with a 60Gbps switching capacity
New Fiber Network Cables
TechLogix Networx is enabling real-world 8K HDMI installations with the launch of MOFOTM HD21 Series fiber-based cables. TechLogix MOFOTM HD21 Series cables are now available. TechLogix MOFOTM HD21 Series cables feature a true fiber optic core for interference-free, un- compressed 8K HDMI signal transmission up to 30m without the need for in-line boosters or power supplies – simply run the MOFOTM cable and connect it to your source and destination devices. Plus, the fiber core can be spliced and re-terminated with standard fiber optic tools and connectors. A MOFOTM cable used for HDMI today can be re-purposed for network, control, or other audio/video formats tomorrow.
Video Analytics, Alarm-filtering Tools
Calipsa has announced Canada’s Obsidian Energy is using its market-leading, deep-learning Calip- sa Pro Analytics video platform to reduce false alarms by 95% while providing other benefits to elevate overall security and operational intelli- gence. Obsidian, with almost 250 employees and contractors, is an intermediate-sized company producing around 25,000 barrels of oil daily. The company provides critical infrastructure and en- ergy requiring its security team to prepare for and prevent threats against Obsidian’s people, prop- erty and assets. False alarm reduction enables Obsidian’s security team to minimize response times to genuine threats and increase overall se- curity operations.
Lead-free Security Curtains
Artemis Shielding is pleased to announce a part- nership to provide its lead-free, non-toxic secu- rity curtains for Integrated Defense and Security Solutions’ (IDSS) award-winning DETECTTM 1000 computed tomography (CT) checkpoint baggage scanner. IDSS incorporated the Artemis Shield- ing patented technology to shield operators and the public from harmful radiation during security scanning in airports around the world. All Artemis Shielding security curtains and solutions are lead- free, non-toxic and provide superior shielding pro- tection. The IDSS DETECTTM 1000 was developed to improve the security and passenger experience at the checkpoint. Used in major airports around the world, its cutting-edge CT technology provides superior image quality and advanced AI algorithms to accurately identify threats.
Low Energy Operator
DeltrexUSA’s new 100SW Low Energy Operator provides the necessary features to accommodate the elderly or physically challenged. Engineered for interior or exterior performance the package can incorporate power supply, push plates, touch sensors, DPS and can perform in manual or auto- matic mode. For single swing, pair of doors, dual egress or interlock. All components and acces- sories meet ANSI standards are UL and ULC com- pliant, and ADA and NFPA codes. For installation on hollow metal or aluminum, in new or retrofit conditions.
Allowing Temporary Access
ProdataKey (PDK) has introduced a new QR Reader that offers contactless QR and bar-code scanning as part of a PDK access control solu- tion. The device is ideal for use at stadiums, the- aters, fitness centers, hotels, convention centers, multi-tenant properties and other facilities where temporary access to restricted areas is permit- ted to an ever-changing group of ticketholders or guests. General admission tickets presented to enter concerts, sporting events, or trade shows can also be used by select ticketholders to gain entrance to exclusive areas such as luxury boxes, hospitality suites, and private meeting rooms. Fit- ness centers can offer mobile guest passes for a limited trial or a single visit.

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