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Moving the Needle Video security and storage play a significant role in the security space
By Amanda Potas
Video storage has come a long way since its simplistic and inflexible early days. Before more intuitive, scalable, and reliable systems emerged, customers purchased hardware from storage vendors and built their storage infra- structure based on their immediate needs. This meant all their hardware, software, servers and switches represented a timestamp in that organization’s data diet.
These systems served static organizations well. However, for users who had growing data requirements and relied on ever- evolving technologies, these systems were not only difficult to scale, they were also expensive to maintain and often imprecisely met the needs of its users.
For this reason, in 1999, Jeff Burgess founded Burgess Com- puter Decisions. Beginning as an IT reseller, Burgess set out to build high-availability servers for Fortune 500 companies that outperformed the data storage standards of the day. In 2008, Burgess launched BCDVideo to transition his company to build enterprise-quality video recording solutions. Today, BCD has a footprint that includes more than 175,000 systems recording over 3.5 million cameras in 90 countries on six continents.
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The Rise of Purpose-built Solutions
This burgeoning success directly mirrors the explosion of the da- ta-sphere, expected to create, capture, copy and consume 181 ZBs of data by 2025, which is 181 billion terabytes or 181 trillion gi- gabytes, according to Statista. It also did not happen on accident.
Behind BCD’s performance-driven IP video solutions is its partnership with Dell Technologies’ OEM Solutions. Security in- tegrators go to BCD and Dell to find innovative, customized and robustly engineered video storage solutions.
Nuts and Bolts
Since the start, BCD’s goal has been to design purpose-built solutions and deliver the best customer support in the industry. These two tenants are the bedrock for consistent success in their customer relationships. When it comes down to the former, pur- pose-built solutions, working with Dell Technologies to provide infrastructure hardware was a no-brainer.
BCD tailors its security solutions, using Tier 1 hardware to enable their customers’ needs. “To borrow from an old BASF slo- gan for video analytics and storage, ‘We take it, and make it bet- ter.’ Our customers would appear to agree,” Burgess said.

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