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“Dell Technologies’ OEM Solutions began work with BCD when its former entry-level server vendor left the market, said Kyle Dufresne,, global senior vice president and general manager of OEM Solutions at Dell technologies. “Ultimate- ly, the collaboration led to new design in- novation and expanded to include other high-performance solutions such as HCI, storage, networking, and workstations, leading to a better experience for BCD’s customers.”
Video workloads are quite unique. The deployment of tens, if not hundreds, of high-definition, AI-optimized security cam- eras in a single site has increased bandwidth and data needs tenfold. Security deploy- ments require significantly longer video retention periods while remaining high-per- forming, scalable and reliable. For security customers to get the most out of their video appliances, they need someone with the ex- perience and innovation of BCD.
IP video security solutions require ex- tensive pre-planning and design compared to off-the-shelf IT appliances not meant to withstand the requirements of video. That’s why BCD takes Dell Technologies’ bespoke infrastructure and incorporates the right memory, hard drives, testing and validation needed for IP video, as well as the individual needs of each end-user.
Ensuring the uptime of these purpose- built video data infrastructure solutions is just as important as its capabilities. One ex- clusive integration BCD offers for monitor- ing these systems is its Harmonize iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) plug-in. The Harmonize iDRAC plug-in enables users to monitor servers proactively and predict hardware failures through their preferred VMS platform.
When dealing with large amounts of critical data, the Harmonize iDRAC plug- in is the perfect safeguard. Nobody has the experience or the lab for substantial research and development like BCD when it comes down to it. This makes BCD the ideal IP video data infrastructure provider.
Going Above and Beyond: Testing and Validation
Eugene Kozlovitser, BCD’s technology di- rector,explainedthatBCDhassetcertifica- tion and validation benchmarks well beyond what the current security hardware offers.
“Today, due to the rise of new tech- nologies and ‘lean’ security infrastructure approaches, the most innovative software
“When it comes down to the former, purpose-built solutions, working with Dell Technologies to provide infrastructure hardware was a no-brainer.”
companies are always struggling to find the right hardware vendor that can offer a full spectrum of products and services including testing and validation,” Kozlo- vitser said. “When a software provider is trying to establish the maximum breaking point of their software, BCD is usually the first ones they contact.”
He also explained that BCD’s software agnostic approach can easily scale out and redesign its testing facilities to optimize any suite of software products for their customers. In addition, the capability of hardware intake validation, factory autho- rized testing, soak testing, and risk analy- sis allows BCD to be the most trusted plat- form in the security industry.
Going Above and Beyond: Supply Chain Expertise
When it comes to delivering products to customers who need them, BCD delivers. When shortages of video graphic cards, hard drives, CPUs arise, BCD is able to stay one step ahead because it orders components by the truckload and has multiple, strategically located warehouses throughout the world for just-in-time in- ventory. BCD works hand-in-hand with their customers to ensure organizations can address immediate security concerns
the moment they arise, instead of having to wait weeks, if not months, for back- ordered hardware to arrive.
With these standards are consistently met—a best-in-class product development and design, customer support and sup- ply chain maximization—BCD is setting a new standard in the safety and security sphere. In the most sensitive security envi- ronments, where protecting critical assets is the number one priority, BCD is build- ing technology today, to secure the indus- tries of tomorrow.
Looking Forward
For end-users looking to implement, up- grade or expand their security systems, thoughtfully designed appliances, like those engineered and built by BCD through their Dell Technologies partnership, will meet the needs of many security scenarios. The key to delivering better system performance and lower total cost of ownership across the board is bringing
together top-tier tech- nologies and industry- leading system design.
Amanda Potas is the marketing manager at BCD International.

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