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“With a huge focus on loss prevention technology, the goal was to protect the store from petty theft plus keep patrons and employees safe.”
helping clients in various vertical markets with its security needs, SAS Technologies was ready for this challenge even as the project was just starting to roll out during the COVID-19 pandemic. A big challenge for the new retail establishment was preventing theft as the store attracts traffic from all baseball fans, not just a specific team.
With normal foot traffic being heavier in the midtown area, MLB was preparing for when the COVID-19 pandemic would eventually slow down and was ready to invest in the right security solution to handle the influx of people that would be visiting the store daily. With a huge focus on loss prevention technology, the goal was to protect the store from petty theft plus keep patrons and employees safe.
Legends wanted to cover all the bases when it came to security and ensure proper, effective monitoring. With two entrances/exits located on the first level and one on the lower level, an integrated security solution was needed that could quickly detect a security issue. A huge focus to MLB NYC was securing the premise and ensuring that only employees could access the premises before or after hours. With four employees on staff that included three supervisors and one General Manager; having an access control system that could integrate with the video surveillance and alarm system was a huge priority.
“A huge challenge for MLB was trying to complete this project during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Simone Zar, general manager at Legends/MLB NYC. “Each member of the SAS Technologies team were true professionals that provided top notch service and made my job easier.”
After careful review of the security needs, SAS Technologies knew the right combination of table setters to provide MLB NYC with the desired result. This included Lenel/S2 for access control and CCTV recording, Axis Communications for IP video surveillance cameras, Shooter Detection Systems for gunshot detection, Bosch for the alarm system, and Aiphone Series selected for the intercom solution.
Since MLB is a high-profile client, SAS Technologies delivered a powerful integrated security solution that would provide the desired results.
“By using the manufacturers selected, we felt confident that the solutions would integrate and work with one another. The minimization of the number of interfaces down to one made the management training on the security system much simpler,” said Sergio Rocha, installation manager and project manager at SAS Technologies.
Being in the midtown area, which typically has high traffic, created the need for a reliable and foolproof solution. Legends
felt confident in the security systems deployed to protect the 10,000 feet of priceless memorabilia and merchandise.
“The system that SAS Technologies deployed at the MLB store is by far the best security system I have ever used in my 24 years of experience working in retail,” Zar said. “This was truly a great experience working with SAS Technologies not only during the installation, but after the store opened as they provided outstanding support for any issues, questions, or concerns that we raised.”
From March 2020 through September 2020, the project was in high gear, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the SAS Technologies team worked collaboratively with the manufacturers and the team at Legends to ensure that the store stayed on target for the grand opening in October. Even with the many setbacks and challenges that faced this project due to the pandemic; SAS Technologies did not skip a beat.
“During the pandemic, we knew that when construction and the city would start to open and allow us back on construction and project sites that we had to be prepared.” Rocha said. “The last thing we wanted was to come back after the time we had off and not deliver what our customer expected,” states Michael Troiani, Service & Engineering Manager, at SAS Technologies.
SAS Technologies and stepped up to the plate, and would not have been able to deliver this solution without partners’ assistance. Thirty 30 Axis IP cameras were installed; SAS Technologies collaborated with the general manager to reposition the cameras so Legends could get the best view possible from all angles. Offering merchandise from all MLB teams creates an influx of fans, which requires plenty of planning and preparation.
Having the cameras positioned correctly was crucial for the safety of the employees and fans. SAS was on hand every step of the way to help create a seamless installation and integration. It was especially important for them to provide specific details and some customization to this project. One item in particular was customizing the HID Multiclass reader covers with the MLB logos, for baseball fans.
Training on the system was handled by SAS Technologies, and was easily reachable after the installation for support.
“We trained Simone at Legends on the system and it could have not gone any better. Simone was extremely clear and specific on her objectives and how she wanted the system to function; and we customized the solution to meet all her needs,” Troiani said. “When I was growing up, like many of us it was our childhood dream to hit the game winning homerun in the bottom of the ninth, being part of this project on many levels has helped fulfill this dream, we could not have asked for a better result.”
As the needs of MLB NYC change and evolve over the years, SAS Technologies will continue to cover all the bases when it comes to securing the retail store and valuable merchandise and personnel. Legends scored a home run when it
came to selecting the right integrator to install
an enterprise-level security system.
Monique Merhige-Machado is a freelance writer based in Port St. Lucie, FL. She is also the owner of Infusion Direct Marketing.

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