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Mag Instrument Inc. (MAG) and its
world-renown Maglite flashlights are
an American success story. From a
$125 investment in a one-man ma-
chine shop in 1955, Maglite flashlight
brand founder, owner and president
Tony Maglica has created a line of products unsurpassed for their durability, dependability and superior quality.
Having produced his first flashlight in 1979, Maglica’s flashlights were favored by police officers, firefighters, security guards and others who depended on a flashlight as a tool of their trade. Every Maglite flashlight is synonymous with built-in-America quality represent- ing the culmination of more than 40 years of research, development and refinement.
Maglite flashlights have evolved over time and MAG has consistently led the industry in terms of technological innovations. Maglite flashlights range from small personal flash- lights to tactical and rechargeable flashlights used by firefighters, search and rescue per- sonnel and law enforcement.
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2001 South Hellman Avenue Ontario, California 91761
Tel. (909) 947-1006 Fax. (775) 719-4586
Contact Information
W W W . S E C U R I T Y T O D A Y . C O M
ML150LRTM LED Rechargeable System
• 1,082 Lumens / 79 Hour On-Time (Eco)
• Lifetime Tough® anodized aluminum body
• QuickFocusTM -- Spot to Flood in about 1⁄4 turn of the head
• QuickClik® electronic switching to select from 5 operating modes
• Quick Charger fully charges dead battery in 2.5 hrs.
• Customizable for quickest access to each user’s preferred modes
• Limited Warranty (Lifetime in North America; Ten Years Elsewhere)
• Advanced heat sink improves brightness and power management.
• User-friendly QuickClik® interface.
• Customizable for fast access to each user’s preferred functions – High, Low, Eco, 12 Hz Strobe, Momentary On/Off.
2001 South Hellman Ave., Ontario, CA 91761 4 9 909-947-1006 • 800-289-6241 • Go to and enter 25 for product information.

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