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ment agencies that are set up around the complex—we’re all seeing the same thing,” McClintock said. “Whether it’s our security team or other authorities, the technology solutions make it a seamless surveil- lance system.”
Also introduced in the video management solution was an ad- vanced Milestone Husky NVR. Custom installed with the powerful XProtect Corporate VMS, the Milestone Husky 500A is an accel- erated performance NVR that has high recording rates, low power consumption and system flexibility—including support for unlimited storage.
“The video surveillance helps us react immediately. We’re con- stantly monitoring our video feeds,” McClintock said. “We can see what’s happening in real time or play it back from an investigative standpoint. Video surveillance gives us the opportunity to not only react but to also train, educate, and move forward to always improve.”
Teamwork Makes Things Work
McClintock explained that Little League International works closely with the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and local law enforcement. All these agencies work together throughout the World Series to make sure that the event is adequately staffed and support- ed, security systems are in place, and everything’s being monitored and shared.
“With Milestone being the ‘rookie’ of the team, we were replacing a previous VMS, essentially installing a completely new system, and the integration went very well,” said Matt Fishback, global business development manager at Milestone Systems. “The Milestone open platform enables flexible, scalable, integrated solutions for just such critical video surveillance needs, to meet the ultimate goal of safety and well-being for all.”
Additionally, Fishback explained that one element in the mobile client is particularly well suited for events of this type: Video Push allows any cell phone connected with management rights to share its
video to the main system, as well as access views from any networked cameras in the system.
“If you’re out in the stands, and you see something happening where maybe there’s not great camera coverage at that specific loca- tion, you can use the camera in your smartphone to push video to the network,” Fishback said. “The operators at the central Smart Wall will be able to see your device’s video just like any other camera in the system. That’s a great feature for a widespread event like this.”
Around the Horn
The security system used a variety of Axis network camera prod- ucts, including dome camera PTZ systems, fixed stationary cameras, low-light cameras, and thermal imaging systems, ideal for low- or no- lighting scenarios.
Axis technologies included the Q1659 Network Camera, which combines advanced photographic imaging technologies from Canon to deliver ultra-high image quality for fixed, wide-area surveillance and detail, even in the most challenging lighting conditions. The Axis D2050-VE Network Radar Detector was also deployed as an out- door motion detector for accurate and reliable perimeter protection, day and night, to minimize potential false alarms. Axis People Coun- ter video analytics solution helped the Little League gain operational insights.
“Each year we look forward to advancing the security system by leveraging the newest technology innovations available within the in- dustry,” said Robert Muehlbauer, senior manager, business develop- ment partner ecosystem, Axis Communications Inc.
A Team Win
Extreme Networks Inc. provided its ExtremeWireless and Ex- tremeSwitching technology to form the backbone of the security so- lution. Wired and wireless solutions from Extreme Networks comple- ment the stadium’s OnGuard access control platform from Lenel and

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