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SensorsEdge Pressure Mapping
Blue Chip’s seat sensor pressure mapping system is easy to use and can encourage clients to make their equipment choices based on health rather than cost. Seat sensors are available in standard and high definition; both versions help ATPs and clinicians to communicate efficiently with clients via easy-to-understand visuals
and pictures as they learn about pressure injuries and prevention. A wireless version of SensorsEdge, which works with mattresses and seating surfaces, is also available.
Blue Chip Medical
(800) 795-6115
Adjustable-Tension Back
With its 350-lb. weight capacity, this back is designed for clients with mild positioning needs, including kyphosis, rotation, scoli- osis or redundant back tissue. A 1" thick, high-density foam pad provides optimal pressure distribution to enhance client comfort. The back secures directly over the wheelchair’s canes for added stability and safety. A breathable cover is fluid resistant and easy to clean and maintain. The back, which includes a carry pocket, folds with the wheelchair for easy portability. It’s coded E2611 and E2612.
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
(877) 224-0946
Matrx PS Cushion
This lightweight seat cushion is designed
to provide superior positioning, stability
and comfort. The Matrx PS cushion’s ischial relief area helps to maintain the client’s pelvic position and prevent sliding out of the wheelchair, while durable, high-resilience foam prevents clients from bottoming out. The Matrx PS cushion is made with Ultra- Fresh for antibacterial and odor protection. The cushion’s anatomically contoured
shape and innovative, reversible outer cover provide customized comfort throughout the day for users with all types of diagnoses and seating needs.
Invacare Corp.
(800) 333-6900
Custom-Molded Seating
Matrix Seating’s adjustable Micro-Modular seating system allows modifications to be made even after the original shape has been formed. Matrix Seating’s unique see-through design enables clinicians and ATPs to confirm optimal contact between clients and their seats/backs. A breathable, custom cover maximizes heat and moisture reduction
to help provide superior pressure relief for wheelchair users of varying needs, in varying environments and during a wide range of activities.
Matrix Seating USA
(800) 986-9319
Invacare Matrx Elan
With an elegant, supportive and comfortable design, the new Elan headrest supports a wide range of pediatric through adult appli- cations. Clean, compact and streamlined aesthetics are complemented by hardware with six points of adjustment to provide an infinite choice of positioning opportunities. Multi-disk locking provides superior holding strength. Co-molded, dual-firmness HR
foam surrounds backing plates and can be easily removed for modification. Features aluminum plates that can be formed to desired shape, and standard zippered, moisture-resistant, breathable Startex or infection-control covers.
Motion Concepts LP
(888) 433-6818
Invacare Matrx MX2
This “barely there” back is designed to offer unmatched comfort, support and peak performance. Thanks to new hardware options, sizes and cutouts, the MX2 back provides more adjustability than ever before. Carbon fiber Fixed Mount hardware provides the ultimate in suspension for shock absorp- tion, tone control and a comfortable ride. Quick-release hardware features popular Mini-Set brackets for ease of adjustment and portability. The solid carbon fiber back shell is contoured for optimal fit and support, and cutouts reduce weight and buildup of heat and moisture. Your most active users will appreciate the new 6" back height.
Motion Concepts LP
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