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Quadtro Select
Created for consumers who need a high level of skin protection, have asymmetrical postures or require progressive positioning, the ROHO Quadtro Select is available in low, mid or high profiles, in widths and depths from 12" to 24". As long as the Quadtro Select (HCPCS coded E2624 and E2625)
is properly sized to its user, the cushion
has no weight limit. The Quadtro Select is made of flame-resistant, black Neoprene made without latex, and features a stretch polyester/Spandex cover. This cushion is also suggested for users who have fair to poor balance or a progressive condition.
(800) 736-0925/(800) 851-3449
Booth 824
Q-Logic 3
The new Advanced Drive Control System creates an adaptable, expandable, intuitive control system to serve even the most complex needs. From hand control driving to the highest-end specialty controls, an exclusive range of programming parameters and protocols, such as Clinic Mode, allow rapid setup and precision control. Q-Logic
3 features Bluetooth access to devices and wireless programming from tablets, multiple input device capability, automatic firmware updates, iAccess customizable seating access and Enhanced Display option, all within an intuitive, user-tailorable graphics interface.
Quantum Rehab
(866) 800-2002
Booth 224
TRU-Balance 3 with iLevel
Consumer and clinician inspired, TRU-Balance 3 power positioning systems are designed to provide the ultimate in complex rehab seating and ADL function- ality, including iLevel elevation with Extra Stability Technology on the Q6 Edge 2.0,
Q6 Edge Z and Q6 Edge HD power bases. Featuring modular tilt, recline, elevation and an articulating foot platform, TRU-Balance
3 offers easy tailoring of seat depth, width, back height, multi-axis armrests and center- of-gravity adjustment.
Quantum Rehab
(866) 800-2002
Booth 224
Dynamic Pacer
The well-known Pacer gait trainer gets added functionality thanks to an upper frame that accommodates natural side- to-side and up/down movements of the body during step taking to facilitate a more effective gait pattern. A telescoping single column with a gas spring provides easy height adjustment and more convenient transfers. The utility base features large, rugged wheels and a wider footprint to better accommodate rough surfaces. A treadmill base can be used with multiple upper frames, while an odometer tracks feet/meters traveled.
(800) 571-8198
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Tarta Original
Contouring depths and location are fully customizable on the Tarta Original back, thanks to an array of interchangeable ribs. The Tarta Original is made of harmonic steel central plates that construct the spine; composite vertebrae; a breathable AirMesh cover; high-resiliency foam in all pads; and lightweight aluminum ribs. This design allows for an infinite height range (standard heights are 8-14"), as well as outstanding breathability. Hardware options include rigid mount, height-adjustable rigid mount, quick-remove cane mount and quick-re- move, bolt-on rigidizer bar.
Stealth Products
(512) 715-9995
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SureTrac Encoder Motor Technology is a new option for QM-7 mid-wheel-drive power chairs. SureTrac autocorrects small devia- tions in driving to create a more intuitive, straighter ride with few input corrections. SureTrac is ideal for all drivers, whether they use proportional or specialty controls. The system reacts to resistance at each wheel and sends motor-appropriate amperage to neutralize the impact of different surfaces, such as hardwood floor, carpet, uneven terrains, slopes and small spaces. The results are improved maneuverability and greater independence.
Sunrise Medical
(800) 333-4000
Booth 804
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