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The Elevation manual wheelchair enables increased function, independence and comfort for active users. Suitable for a range of clients and their varying needs, Elevation enables users to embrace daily activities
in a number of different environments.
This uniquely designed chair combines a gas-strut suspension and an ultralightweight frame to provide dynamic seat height and an on-the-fly adjustable back angle that can be instantly adjusted according to what the user wants to accomplish, from functional reaching during activities of daily living to ascending/descending ramps.
PDG Mobility
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Permobil’s new mid-wheel-drive power base, launching at ISS, will feel familiar to those who know the manufacturer’s front- wheel-drive F3 and F5. The M3 offers 50° of posterior tilt that’s twice as fast as its prede- cessor, and has 12" of seat elevation that’s 50 percent faster. But the M3 also offers anterior tilt to facilitate a critical function that Permobil calls Active Reach, used in everyday situations ranging from leaning forward during mealtimes to facilitating transfers. Consumers who like the maneuverability of mid-wheel drive can now enjoy even greater positioning options.
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Hybrid Elite SR
The next generation of hybrid foam-and-air cushions — combining a stable, contoured foam base and a ROHO Dry Floatation air insert — is ROHO’s Hybrid Elite SR. A new sealed, contoured foam overlay improves comfort along the cushion’s leg troughs without compromising overall stability. And the Hybrid Elite SR is now compatible with Smart Check, the hand-held device that helps consumers find and continu- ously maintain their proper inflation levels throughout the day. The results: improved lower-extremity alignment, easier transfers and constant immersion and envelopment.
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Free Form Seating
Complex Custom Seating, Simplified
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tel: +1.250.537.2177 toll free: 1.800.537.1724 Designed and Manufactured in Canada
Collapsible, wheel-able,
for the spontaneous traveler Collapsible, wheel-able,
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Rolling commode and
compactly and packs into shower chair that folds
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standard toilets, or rolls into shower stalls.
into shower stalls.
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1-888-347-4537 |
International Seating Symposium
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