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AGILITY Carbon Back System
With a compression-molded, lightweight carbon fiber construction, the AGILITY Carbon combines high-strength perfor- mance with a streamlined design. With single clamps on each side, hardware is smaller, lighter and stronger than typical fixed-back hardware. Discs lock into the carbon fiber to create a solid backrest; when loosened, the discs allow the shell to rotate independently to provide 15° forward/ rearward angle adjustment in 5° incre- ments. Widths range from 14" to 18" in 1" increments.
(800) 736-0925/(800) 851-3449
Stabil-Air Cushion
The new, patented Stabil-Air from Star Cushion Products uses air and foam technol- ogies to provide higher levels of stability for wheelchair users. Designed to offer greater postural control and improved positioning, the Stabil-Air cushion combines the dynamic weight distribution benefits of an air cell cushion with the stability and positioning benefits found in foam cushions. Foam supporter pieces strategically inhabit the interior of selected air cells of this cushion
in an innovative design that helps users
to achieve both support and stability in their wheelchairs.
Star Cushion Products Inc.
(888) 277-7827
Axion Rotary Interface
The Axion enables headrest pads and head positioning devices to rotate with the
user’s head, transforming headrests into dynamic positioning devices. When the Axion is implemented with the user’s head support, it allows the head support device
to rotate, resulting in reduced shear forces and improved peripheral vision. Users can now have their heads supported while still having freedom to move their heads hori- zontally. The Axion is compatible with a wide selection of headrests and is available in six versions to provide optimal sizing.
Symmetric Designs
(800) 537-1724
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