CT Innovation in Education, June 2022
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Innovation in Education
Adapting with Evolving Higher Education Challenges
The pandemic and the growing awareness of the need for diversity, equity and inclusion are driving fundamental changes on campuses. To succeed, colleges and universities must find ways to integrate legacy and modern solutions, harness data to improve student services and rethink the way technology is used in the classroom.
2 The Power of Technology to Drive Change
5 Embracing the New Normal in
Higher Education
6 Using Data Analytics to Enhance Student Services
8 A Cybersecurity Mesh Speeds Digital Transformation
9 Why Student Experience Equals Student Success
10 Pivoting to Continuous Modernization in Higher Education
12 Using the Power of Data to Support Collaboration
13 A Data-Informed Approach to Recruiting and Retaining Faculty
15 Discovering the Endless Possibilities of Automation
16 A More Immersive Experience for Students and Staff
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