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Sage Integration
4075 Karg Industrial Parkway Kent, OH 44240
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What does the tip of a spear have to do with protecting people and assets? To Sage Inte- gration, the company’s spear logo represents a new way of securing enterprise organiza- tions. Sage brings together the resources of proven security innovators to go well beyond simply shielding its nationwide customers from risk.
“We liken our team to the tip of a spear, piercing through quick fixes to bring our customers laser-focused integration chosen from a wide breadth of solutions.,” said Eric Frasier, chief executive officer, Sage Integration. “It’s our job to bring creative ideas and on-the-ground support to prepare for and mitigate the challenges our Fortune 100 clients face daily.”
This philosophy is embodied throughout the Sage leadership team of experienced profession- als such as John Nemerofsky, a 30-year industry veteran and Sage’s chief operating officer.
“I’ve seen many changes in the security industry, but they don’t compare to the trans- formation we need today,” he said. “Sage is built to lead that change by empowering employees like never before.”
Part of that transformation involves embedding up to 40% of its employees within the staff of Sage’s premier clients. Nemerofsky said that enables Sage employees to share equally in the commitment to risk management.
“Sage’s dedicated teams learn a client’s culture, security and business operations, so instead of providing commodities, they help a client innovate and find solutions that make the business safer and more efficient,” he said. “Often, our employees can solve a poten- tial problem before it occurs.”
Sage boasts the resources and commitment of Talisman Capital, one of the country’s most recognized equity partners. Financial strength enables Sage to attract and keep experi- enced employees, maintain top-tier relationships with suppliers and invest in enterprise- grade technology to track projects, measure effectiveness, respond to emergencies and improve efficiency.
While many security providers struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sage looks to build a national footprint through organic growth and acquisitions of leading regional integrators. That’s as long as, according to Frasier, “there is a cultural fit which means leadership is as passionate about exceeding customer expectations and empowering employees as we are.”

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