Page 18 - Security Today, July/August 2020
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Safety Technology International
2306 Airport Road, Waterford, Michigan 48327
Tel: (248) 673-9898 Fax: (248) 673-1246
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Safety Technology International is a long-time trusted manufacturer of fire, safety and se- curity products that help deter false alarms, prevent theft, and minimize damage to equip- ment in public buildings around the world. For 40 years STI’s mission is to help reduce building disruption, vandalism, tampering and theft.
STI began by creating protective covers to help stop false fire alarms and guard important equipment. Headquartered in Waterford, Michigan, with an office in England; they now manufacture protective covers, enclosures, push buttons, alarms, and wire cages. The time-tested and reliable products help prevent false alarms, touch free and push buttons for facility needs, alarms for doors, and more to ensure problems are solved.
Safety and quick reaction time are pressing concerns for public buildings and occupants. STI’s lockdown push buttons allow users to perform an effective action when needed. Available in six colors, the buttons are offered with lockdown, emergency, exit or custom labeling, and several switch activation choices. The Universal Touch Free Button applies NoTouch®technology which helps eliminate the spread of germs. To exit a door, a person waves their hand in front of the device. The infrared recognizes the motion and unlatches the door, preventing germs from transferring to hundreds of hands.
To help solve unauthorized exits/entries through unsupervised doors, STI designed sev- eral alarms. Exit Stopper®flashes and sounds when a door is opened—helping deter unwanted use. Sirens/strobes alert to urgent situations, misuse, and theft. Alarm and flashing LEDs attract immediate attention.
Strong and durable wire guards constructed of 9-gauge steel wire coated with corrosion resistant polyester, help ensure vulnerable devices are operational. Cages available to protect smoke detectors, horn/strobe/speakers, clock/bells, exit signs, and more.
Rely on STI®for covers, cages, alarms and buttons. For more information on Safety Tech- nology International’s solutions to problems, visit or call 248- 673-9898.

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