Page 22 - Security Today, July/August 2020
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On the Cutting Edge Implementing AI for efficiency during growth and development
BVy Jeff Montoya
ideo analytics (VA) continue to evolve in so- phistication and are fast becoming standard in video surveillance devices and solutions. The rapid evolution of video analytics has also giv- en way to the growing development and adop-
tion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies in security applications. Capable of tapping into other information facilitated by sensors, including people counting, identity manage- ment, and heat mapping, an AI system can deliver end users much more information than traditional security applications ever could. These data gathering functions enhance operations and are provid- ing new value for many end users, not only from a security stand- point, but from an operational one, as well.
Advanced AI modeling technology continually learns what a typical scene looks like. It significantly reduces false alarms be- cause it can detect atypical events or motion and alert operators in real time to initiate an appropriate response.
Other AI capabilities, such as metadata filtering, are helping to speed up investigations considerably. Metadata filtering automati- cally recognizes objects, places and movements, and then extracts and stores metadata relating to every scene. This meta data pro- vides classification, identity, and context to video streams, enabling operators to organize, search and retrieve intelligent information from massive amounts of video footage quickly and easily.
Additionally, people matching AI technology extracts the

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