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360-degree Camera
The new SNC-HMX70 security camera by Sony maintains an all-round 360-degree hemispheric view with no blind spots—ensuring full situational awareness in a wide range of indoor surveillance applications. The camera’s fixed lens and high-reso- lution 12-megapixel CMOS sensor stream crisply de- tailed, high-resolution video at a smooth 30 fps. This assures that people and objects are seen clearly. Harshly backlit windows, lobbies and entrances are no problem for the SNC-HMX70. Intelligent Auto Ex- posure analyzes front and backlighting in the scene, fine-tuning exposure for perfect footage in any light- ing conditions. The camera’s wide 92dB dynamic range captures crucial image detail, even in high- contrast scenes with extremes of light and shade.
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Facial Recognition
Matrix unveiled its indigenously designed COSEC Facial Recognition. Matrix COSEC Face Recognition is based on innovative, deep learning technology, which evolves as per regular user interaction in dif- ferent conditions. It identifies a user quickly and ac- curately with 1:1 or 1:N identification method. The technology checks liveness of a face with 99.53 percent accuracy. It accepts the user’s mobile as a credential, which eliminates hardware cost and makes the verification process simple and secure. With contactless authentication, Matrix COSEC Fa- cial Recognition technology reads the user’s face through COSEC APTA application. It ensures con- tactless authentication and identifies a user’s face in less than one second.
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microSD Card
As the adoption of 4K Ultra HD video, emerging artificial intelligence (AI) applications and analytics drive the rapid growth and evolution of data in sur- veillance, Western Digital Corp unveiled the West- ern Digital Purple microSD card, purpose-built for the complex and dynamic data demands of modern surveillance cameras and edge systems. Whether it’s a business employing surveillance video to keep their assets secure or a retailer utilizing sur- veillance to accurately analyze shopping behavior through video facial recognition, capturing and assessing every moment is critical. Optimized for 24/7 surveillance video capture, surveillance sys- tem operators can count on Western Digital Purple microSD card to support continuous surveillance.
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Electric Strikes
Camden Door Controls has announced it has re- ceived UL 294 (Access Control System Units Stan- dard) listing for its complete new line of industry- leading electric strikes. These span Camden’s Grade 1 ANSI, Grade 2 ANSI, Grade 1 ANSI Fire, Grade 1 ANSI and Mortise Fire, and Grade 1 RIM strikes. This new UL 294 listing is in addition to the UL 1034 Burglary and UL 10C Fire listings Camden has already obtained. Camden backs its products with superior customer service, technical support, product delivery and warranty. Camden products are designed for compliance to UL standards, build- ing/fire codes and ASA requirements, bringing an unsurpassed combination of product quality, per- formance and value.
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Wall-mounted SCOT
Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD) an- nounced it has released its latest version of the Se- curity Control and Observation Tower (SCOT): Wally, a wall-mounted security solution that harnesses the power of AI to enhance an organization’s situ- ational awareness, communication abilities and control. SCOT Wally provides organizations with 110 degrees of visibility and takes full advantage of the RAD Software Suite, a collection of integrated software applications hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud services that allows immediate and mobile access to alerts and controls generated by SCOT. Priced at two-thirds less than the original SCOT tower, SCOT Wally can be used in lobbies, parking structures, corporate campuses or exterior areas.
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Geospatial Video Management
The release of version 14.2 of the PureActiv geo- spatial video management and video analytics software was announced and includes a series of features focused on user map interaction, sys- tem deployment and reliability. The release of the new capabilities come just 10 months after the release of version 14.0, aided by PureTech Sys- tems rapid software development process based on agile methods. Key features of the PureActiv release includes support of KML map import, creation of map-based ignore zones direct from client, virtualized server architecture, enhanced server fail-over and continued integration such as feature improvements, bug fixes and third party sensor integrations.
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