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Networked Locks
The Alarm Lock Division of Napco Security Tech- nologies, Inc. introduced a new, easily deployed, keyless school security measure for controlling access to classrooms, or any doors, in an emer- gency, with its ArchiTech Wireless Access Locks with remote key fob-activated lockdown, securing one lock or a global lock group, in seconds, at the first hint of trouble. Once lockdown is activated, a bright red strobe light is illuminated on the inner door to give occupants, i.e., sheltering in place, greater peace of mind that the door is securely locked down. Retrofit any standard door lock, with the ArchiTech cylindrical locks that provide keyless access for up to 5000 users, plus 500 auto lock/ unlock event schedule.
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Security Management Platform
Mavin Technologies has announced Mavin Prime. Mavin Prime is a lite, no cost edition of Mavin’s Security Management Platform. It features no li- censing fees for its server software that supports up to 8 readers. Included are one free mobile app license and a three year software upgrade plan for new feature releases. Mavin’s free of charge model does not equate to minimal features however. Ma- vin Prime ships standard with an advanced feature set including SMS/Text alerts for alarm activity, powerful reporting capabilities, and an innovative Calendar control application for automating system operations. The fully scalable system can be up- graded to Mavin’s Prodigy line of systems should a user outgrow Mavin Prime’s upper licensing limits.
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Label Printer
Brady has announced the launch of their Brad- yPrinter i5100 Industrial Label Printer. This new industrial printer provides the perfect mix of smarts and performance for an easier, more productive printing experience. The i5100 provides the funda- mental print capabilities needed to get high-volume and high-mix projects done. With intelligent print- ing options and intuitive user interface, this printer makes high-mix printing much easier than tradi- tional thermal heat transfer printers, giving users more time to focus on important tasks. The i5100 printer features an intuitive touchscreen control panel with colorful icons, buttons and sliders to navigate between screens, make printer setting changes and understand the printer with ease.
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New Software, Service and Recorders
Arecont Vision has announced the Contera line of video surveillance software, cloud-managed web services, and cloud-managed video record- ers. Contera offers a complete, integrated solution for traditional local or advanced cloud-managed video surveillance project requirements. The Con- tera Total Video Surveillance Solution is composed of megapixel cameras, advanced video manage- ment system software, a range of video recorders and NVRs and powerful cloud-based web services. ConteraVMS, ConteraWS, and ConteraCMR are now available. ConteraMobile is also available from the Apple and Google app stores. The final component of the solution, Contera megapixel cameras, will become widely available in coming weeks.
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Entry Vestibule
Panel Built, Inc. has now added a new piece to their line of access control buildings, prefabricated entry vestibules. An entry vestibule is a building at the entrance of a facility that acts as a buffer zone for all traffic coming and going. Vestibules will typi- cally try to maximize the visibility in and out of the building in order to see the person accessing the building. Additionally, the building can be equipped with accessories like interior and exterior camera systems, access card readers, or fingerprint scan- ners. Overall, the vestibules provide the facility with a way to instantly boost their physical security and access control. The structures are built to customer specifications and can even be equipped with bal- listic rated glass for high-level security needs.
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License Plate Recognition
Genetec Inc. unveiled AutoVu Flexreader, a new offering that brings powerful ALPR (Automatic Li- cense Plate Recognition) capabilities to suitable IP video surveillance cameras supported by the Genetec Security Center unified platform. AutoVu Flexreader enables organizations to use existing IP cameras to identify and track license plates of vehicles. End users can additionally benefit by ex- tending their security operations to access the full ALPR feature set of Security Center AutoVu, and take advantage of valuable data-mining tools and graphical reports. Unknown or suspect vehicles can trigger specific alarms and activate video surveil- lance recording to help decrease response time and support investigations.
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