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Most safety glass lenses are made from polycarbonate. Polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact resistant than plastic or glass lenses and provide 99 percent protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. In addition, they are lightweight and include a scratch resistant coating for longer longevity of the eyewear.
Comfort Features
When it comes to safety eyewear, comfort really does matter. One of the main reasons why workers remove their eyewear is comfort. Workers need eyewear that can be worn all day without complaints. Common features to help alleviate these objections include adjustable nosepieces, co-injected temples, rubber tips and nosepieces, ratcheting temples and foam padding.
Questions to Ask
When Choosing Safety Eyewear There are many variables, and some of them come down to user preference. No matter what job a worker is doing, asking these questions can help you choose the right safety eyewear.
1. Is eyewear required to meet certain standards?
2. Does eyewear need to protect against dust or splash?
3. Is a specific lens color warranted or advised against?
4. Is fogging a potential issue?
5. How long will the eyewear be worn? 6. Would magnification be useful?
7. Does the worker already wear
8. Will these be used for welding or
around flash?
9. What eyewear does the worker
Choosing proper eye protection is not
a science as much as it is an art.
Katherine Faulk is the Marketing Strategist for Pyramex Safety. She is responsible for managing external communications from the company and supporting the sales team through the promotion of marketing initiatives. Pyramex is one of the world’s leading provider of safety and PPE products with 30 years focused on delivering innovative and stylish product lines, exceptional attention to customer service, and a mindset that we succeed when our customers succeed.
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The LION BullsEyeTM Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System allows you to conduct extinguisher training anywhere. Pair it with the LION R.A.C.E. StationTM to help reinforce the Rescue, Alert, Confine, Extinguisher method and better prepare your trainees to respond to an actual fire emergency.
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