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Summer means outdoor activities, picnics and swimming. But for thousands of people, it also means increased injuries, food poisoning or drowning while on vacation. To make sure that your workers and their loved ones stay safe and healthy this summer, we’ve developed free summer safety training resources including PowerPoint slides for your safety committee, employee/family handouts, an educational video, and a children’s activity book.
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The Safety Knife Company LLC has developed a quality range of safety knives for all industries. Designed so that fingers cannot get to the blades, these knives will safely cut through cardboard, tape, strapping, shrink or plastic wrap or a variety of other packing materials. Because these knives have no exposed blades and only cut cardboard deep, they will not only protect employees against lacerations but they will also save product.
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Safety Rail Company is the market leader in rooftop fall protection, providing OSHA-compliant solutions for projects of any scale—from simple tasks to multi-facility initiatives. The primary component in our diverse network of safety products is the SRC360 Mobile Rail: the backbone of the industry’s most versatile fall-protection system. Contact SRC today for a free quote on your fall-protection project!
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