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Portable gas detectors you can count on
MGC Simple & Simple Plus
multi gas detectors that you
never have to charge
Our Family of Products
2 year multigas
MGC Simple
Multi Gas Clip
The portable multi gas detector that can run continuously for two months on one charge
due to advanced infrared sensor technology. Detects combustible gases (LEL), H2S, CO and O2.
Multi Gas Clip Pump
Compact, light-weight, handheld/wearable multi gas detector with internal pump draws from 75 ft. & runs for an average of 52 hours on a single charge. Detects combustible gases (LEL), H2S, CO and O2.
Single Gas Clip
Eliminate downtime with our ultra-reliable portable gas detector. Detects H2S, CO or O2.
Single Gas Clip Plus
Hibernate mode offers extended life option when detector is not in use. Detects H2S or CO.
Compatible Docking Stations
All-in-one, portable, durable four-bay dock stations quickly bump test, calibrate & log data for up to four detectors at once with the push of a button and one stream of gas saving time and gas. Charge once every six months. Perform 2000+ bump tests with one 116L gas cylinder.
Single Gas Clip Dock, Multi Gas Clip Dock, MGC Pump Clip Dock & MGC Simple Clip Dock
3 year multigas
MGC Simple Plus
Detects combustible gases (LEL), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2)
uTwo or three year run time with no charging or calibration
uDetect in oxygen deficient or oxygen enriched environments
uLEL sensor is immune to sensor poisoning uFails to safe
uSimple, one button operation
uLogs data at one second intervals whenever
gas is detected, records bump tests & events u100% Quality control tested
uFull two or three year warranty
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