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Little Wave Arc
Keeping parents in mind, the Little Wave Arc is the best solution for kids with complex mobility needs who require a tilt-in-space chair. The Little Wave Arc’s patent-pending Arc Tilt System provides effortless reposi- tioning with a shorter, more maneuverable wheelbase. Arc is the lightest pediatric folding tilt-in-space wheelchair available. Its intuitive, easy-to-fold design and compact wheelbase are the perfect fit, leaving plenty of room for a family on the go. Ki has built in plenty of growth and offers unique programs for growing kids... plus, cool colors and style options make each chair as unique as the child riding it.
Ki Mobility
(800) 981-1540
Hybrid Select
The Hybrid Select, Permobil’s most advanced hybrid cushion, provides superior posi- tioning and skin protection, plus the ability to offload. The design starts with the posi- tioning capability of a contoured foam base and leg troughs to offer support and lateral stability. It uses a ROHO with three compart- ments: a dual-zone overlay and a removable ischial tuberosities (IT) insert that immerses the pelvis in air. ROHO compartments use ISOFLO Memory Control that makes it easy to find and set the right position, and adjusts to unique shape, weight, and positioning changes. And the Hybrid Select offers exclusive optional offloading by removing the IT air insert.
TRU-Balance 4
New TRU-Balance 4 Power Positioning Systems provide many different power seating options, including anterior tilt. Features consist of anterior tilt with a choice of 10°, 20° or 30°; four customized memory seating positions available; an Articulating Foot Platform that can be lowered to
the ground; and the ability for clients to independently adjust their seat position. Removable knee blocks and a fully width-ad- justable chest bar assembly are standard with 20° or 30° anterior tilt and optional
with 10° anterior tilt. TRU-Balance 4 will be available on the Stretto, Edge 3, and 4Front 2 at launch.
Quantum Rehab
(866) 800-2002
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