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SofTech Cushion
SofTech is a custom-fabricated, alternating cushion system built to help treat existing pressure injuries and prevent new injuries. The SofTech automatically changes pressure distribution 60 times per hour. This auto- matic action provides pressure relief that
is essential for the prevention of pressure injuries. User-specific specifications enable offloading under existing pressure injuries to allow healing. An optional integrated fan cools and dries the skin to assist healing. All system components are integrated into the cushion base so there is no separate control box to mount. There are three firmness selections, based on the client’s weight.
Aquila Corp.
(608) 782-0031
Tactilus by Blue Chip is designed as the perfect solution to create the optimal therapeutic seating surface. Blue Chip’s seat sensor is a matrix-based tactile surface sensor. One thousand twenty-four sensing points cover the entire surface area of the sensor “skin,” allowing for discrete spot pressure analysis at any point in the contact region. This provides the accurate patient data required to create the optimal seating surface for maximum comfort, proper posi- tioning, and pressure redistribution.
Blue Chip Medical Products Inc.
(800) 795-6115
Synthesis Transport Wheelchair
Broda brings comfort and safety to non-emergency medical transportation with the Synthesis Transport Wheelchair. With more than 40° of infinitely adjustable seat tilt and 90° of back recline, the Synthesis keeps the user properly positioned during transit and everyday life, eliminating the need for a separate wheelchair for travel and reducing the number of transfers. The Synthesis can lay completely flat, making side transfers safer for users and caregivers. The Synthesis is crash tested and meets full WC19 compli- ance standards for vehicle travel.
(844) 552-7632
The Step-Up is a mobility support designed to assist with sit-to-stand positioning or gait training. Step-Up can meet individual needs at home or in a clinical setting with manual adjust and hydraulic height-adjusting models. The H-style frame freely rolls under chairs or wheelchairs for best transfer posi- tioning. Bottom frame is width adjustable to fit around a wheelchair, between chair legs or to accommodate a narrow passageway. The hydraulic model can assist clients to
a standing position. Soft arm pads for pressure relief can be angle adjusted for the most ergonomic position, and they can be outfitted with brakes, grips or elbow stops.
Clarke Health Care Products
(888) 347-4537
Convaid Flyer
The Convaid Flyer is a lightweight, modular and portable wheelchair developed with youth-oriented aesthetics and growth in mind. A width-expandable chair that a child can grow with, the Flyer has a uniquely designed tilt-in-space base that also accepts more complex adaptive seating. The Flyer comes standard with -5° to +40° of tilt and 30° of back angle adjustment, offers optional recline and a large selection of options and accessories to achieve ideal positioning and support. The modular design allows for easy removal of the seating module from the mobility base for simple lifting and more compact transport.
Solara 3G
Based on a 2021 survey of ATPs, Invacare Corp. says its Solara 3G was considered
the most durable tilt-in-space wheelchair regarding the need for minimal repairs and ability to withstand wear. The Solara 3G features Tilt Assist, which requires reduced effort to tilt an occupied wheelchair; Low Shear Recline to minimize shearing force and prevent displacement of positioning tools; foot-operated wheel lock that easily locks both rear wheels; and a dynamic rocker back to accommodate clients with involuntary thrusting movements while helping to reduce pain and discomfort.
Invacare Corp.
(800) 333-6900

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