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Tom Borcherding Joins LUCI
Industry veteran Tom Borcherding is the new Senior VP of Business Development for LUCI, creator of new smart technology for power wheelchair riders.
Borcherding is best known for his long tenure at ROHO, starting in sales and rising through its ranks to become the seating manufac- turer’s president in 2008. When Permobil acquired ROHO in 2015, Borcherding became Executive VP
of Permobil’s global seating and positioning business unit.
Now the Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) veteran has joined startup LUCI. Introduced early this summer, LUCI is preparing to launch its multi-function, cloud- based power wheelchair sensor technology in late 2020.
Creating a Sales Force
Borcherding joins LUCI’s leader- ship team, which includes CEO/ co-founder Barry Dean, CTO/ co-founder Jered Dean, and COO Peter Knapp.
“With LUCI being a startup, my primary focus is to build a sales
organization,” Borcherding told Mobility Management. “I’m going to look for people that are passionate about the user experience and who are known to be trusted advisors to clinicians.”
Borcherding said he’s enjoying the endless possibilities and blank slate that a new company offers.
“The energy and the innovation that this startup is bringing to this industry excites me and has to excite everyone who’s around power wheelchair users,” Borcherding said. “The technology and the innovation are going to improve the experi- ence for literally thousands of power wheelchair users. Keeping those

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