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individuals safe from tip-overs and collisions, but also just improving the overall driving experience, is something I want to be a part of.”
Briefly, LUCI can be described as a hardware/software system that enables people who use power wheelchairs to more safely, efficiently, and confidently navi- gate their environments. LUCI can determine when a ramp, slope, or curb is too steep to safely navigate, and can identify poten- tial tip-over/drop-off dangers.
It also has collision-avoidance capabilities.
LUCI can gather data, store it in the cloud, and notify power chair riders, caregivers and clinicians about environments or battery- charging needs. And data collected by LUCI is protected to ensure HIPAA compliance and privacy.
Barry Dean, whose daughter, Katherine, has used a power chair for much of her life, said the LUCI team had heard good things about Borcherding even before they met him.
“When I think of great stories about the history of this field, you always hear about companies like ROHO,” Dean said. “In ROHO’s case, you had a family and this personal commitment, and Tom was involved in that and helping to grow that and understanding so many aspects of it. He led their international expansion, and we were so excited that he could
join our team and help teach us, help us grow. He’s just such an incredible leader. I’ve met a lot of people who have worked for him and with him, and they all miss working with him every day.”
Dean confirmed that Borcherding’s hire is a significant chapter in LUCI’s story.
“It does mean we’re in the next phase of launching LUCI,”
he said. “We’re still getting ready to release our products. We’re still building the relationships with distribution, with clinics and suppliers. But we needed someone with incredible experience and understanding, and that’s what we have in Tom. He’s had an immediate impact in broadening our vision and helping us move quickly.”
Dean added, “Tom cares about clinicians as much as we do. And his first order of business was having us meet more clinicians. ATPs, too: Tom has introduced us to several, and we’ve learned so much from them.”
“He understands what the journey is like,” Dean said of Borcherding. “[ROHO] is a beautiful story of someone trying to meet a need and that need being turned into one of the most respected brands in the industry. Tom played such a huge role in that, and that experience now plays a role in our journey.” m
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SINCE 1958...
AMF-Bruns has serviced the mobility, transit & school bus markets, helping wheelchair users travel safely.
Innovations such as developing the first wheelchair safety & anchoring system established us as the global leader in wheelchair & occupant securement.
AMF-Bruns of America
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