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NSM Acquires Travis Medical
become NSM’s new Senior VP of Payor Relations and Government Affairs. In September, Yule was named the new President of NCART.
“As a successful and experienced provider in the CRT space, we have had a lot of interest from prospective buyers in recent years,” Yule said of the acquisition. “Because our culture and client focus are foundational to our business, it was imperative that we chose a partner that aligns with our culture, our values and our vision for the future. NSM checked all the boxes. Coming together with this like-minded industry leader unifies our vision and allows us to truly bring the highest level of expertise and service to our clients.”
Acknowledging the size and scope of the acquisi- tion, the news announcement from NSM added, “NSM has vast experience with integrating acquired organi- zations and placing a top priority on caring for clients and facilitating a proper transition for employees. The
integration process will occur over time to ensure a smooth transition.”
In recent years, Travis Medical had also grown through acquisition; its companies included American Seating & Mobility, Mobility Solutions Inc., and Allumed Inc. Those acquisitions expanded Travis Medical into new territories: American Seating & Mobility, for example, served clients in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Mobility Solutions served clients in central Florida, while Allumed had offices in Temple and Grand Prairie, Texas.
In 2013, Travis Medical created Travis Cares, “dedi- cated to helping the disabled community it serves throughout Texas,” the company said. Travis Cares is known for its series of educational events focusing on seating and wheeled mobility. The division also held
an annual conference for occupational and physical therapists, care coordinators, case managers and home health staff. m
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