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                                                 ADAPTIVE RESPONSE
  Automation helps agencies further close gaps between threat detection and response. An automated process that is based on granular intelligence and security policies is essential to effective cyber defense.
Automating work ows that close
the loop between threat identi cation, response and results of actions taken
is also essential. Automatic validation that a threat remediation was successful by immediately reporting on post- remediation device status helps close that loop so that agencies can continue to re ne security policies and actions for greater protection.
A dynamic closed-loop security system also allows new innovations to be added without expanding the attack surface. Innovations such as mobile health care, connected smart cities and campuses and the seemingly innocent addition of IoT devices such as smart vending machines and IP security cameras can be pursued with con dence knowing that security is being addressed. In the end, having an
adaptive, closed-loop security system from device discovery to threat remediation increases cybersecurity e ectiveness and operational e ciency with su cient headroom for new innovations.
Shawn Rodriguez is regional vice president of U.S. state and local government and education at ForeScout Technologies.
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