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                                 ADAPTIVE RESPONSE
  The process of continuous integration and automated testing mirrors the best production lines in the manufacturing world.
the opportunity to automate progressive software rollouts, detect problems
early and safely roll back a system or app, if necessary. By capitalizing on
the automation that DevOps and cloud technology allow, some organizations are deploying apps 10 times per day instead of once every two years. If they discover a security or performance  aw, they can
pull it back,  x it and release the updated version all on the same day.
Having a team of IT administrators who must manually update or  x systems is inherently ine cient and does not scale. By automating much of that work, IT teams can dedicate more of their time and energy to improving performance and enhancing security.
To be successful, DevOps must percolate through the entire agency. By becoming immersed in that philosophy, agencies can ensure that they have the ability to continually adapt to new cybersecurity challenges.
Rick Howard is chief security officer at Palo Alto Networks.
Clearly, cybera acks aren’t going away any me soon.
Here’s the good news: You can prevent them!
Palo Alto Networks® Next-Genera on Security Pla orm brings network, cloud and endpoint security into one na vely integrated architecture to help you gain visibility, get cri cal threat intel and automa cally protect your government agency or organiza on.
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