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                                                                                                                                                                                    ADAPTIVE RESPONSE
  With adaptive response, when agencies address a gap to remediate a threat, they can also do it in other places proactively.
Agile security development
Agencies should also choose security partners that use agile development and provide continuous monitoring of the entire software development life cycle. Shortcuts taken in the race to get a product to
market can contribute to potential security weaknesses. But because the agile process is inherently dynamic and the work happens in sprints, developers can address challenges,
including security vulnerabilities, as soon as they are discovered.
Furthermore, an agile approach to the development of security tools ensures
that new applications will run e ciently, resources are optimally consumed and the tools keep up with the dynamic landscape.
Agencies across the public sector are deploying a variety of adaptive response strategies. They might have di erent names,
but they all involve a process of managing risk and quickly identifying, triaging, managing and then responding to threats to ensure that their risk is eliminated and/or contained. The results are more resilient systems and more resources that can be devoted to agencies’ missions.
Kevin Davis is vice president for public sector at Splunk.
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