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                                   ADAPTIVE RESPONSE
                      The key to integrated
 risk management
Matt Coose
CEO, Qmulos
Unlock the Security Value of Integrated Risk Management
Qmulos o ers next-generation risk management products for real-time control monitoring and adaptive response.
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Data analytics can help agencies gain real-time risk visibility
THE USE OF data analytics is enabling agencies to automate the process of turning raw data from multiple sources into the valuable, real-time technical evidence needed to validate the implementation and e ectiveness of security controls.
Furthermore, if agencies adopt a common semantic approach
to data tagging — for example, by adopting a standards-based
model derived from the security controls in the National Institute
of Standards and Technology’s Special Publication 800-53 —
they enable a number of cybersecurity capabilities across their organizations. Agencies can automate consistent reporting against multiple mandates and frameworks, realize and enable real-time continuous monitoring and ongoing assessment of controls, perform threat hunting and insider-threat detection, and conduct granular- level incident investigations.
In other words, automation on a  exible, adaptive platform enables agencies to align real-time control monitoring and risk management with operational security, which is a huge leap forward. Now analysts can make risk decisions at machine speed, with real-time adaptive responses that can be orchestrated among cyber defense tools, risk management applications and the IT infrastructure. Automating and standardizing compliance in this way will make more e cient use of valuable resources to help agencies achieve the ultimate goal of stronger security.
By combining data into a single dashboard, risk management professionals can work with the same information that their cyber defense colleagues have, thereby enabling agile and adaptive risk mitigation and response by both teams and improving agencies’ true cybersecurity posture.
      Matt Coose is CEO of Qmulos.

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