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Successful security policies are custom-fit to an organization’s needs, potential risks and budget, and they address the weakest link — the end user.
sophistication, agencies are choosing managed security service providers to augment their programs with elite security talent.
Those partners can also serve as trusted advisers for capitalizing on existing technologies and investments to their maximum potential, and they can offer access to shared threat intelligence.
The best partners harvest intelligence
worldwide to provide rich context and knowledge of cyberattackers’ tactics, techniques and procedures, and they have the expertise to use that knowledge to engage adversaries in direct battle and eradicate them from clients’ networks.
Indeed, as budgets and other resources continue to tighten, agencies will find it increasingly difficult to efficiently and effectively secure complex IT ecosystems
without the help of strategic partners. Agencies have an overwhelming number
of choices for security products and services, but at the end of the day, a security partner’s in-house talent and capabilities are vital elements in the fight to protect agency networks.
Bill Rucker is president of Trustwave Government Solutions.
Government’s #1 Choice
for database vulnerability protection.
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