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Knowing how to respond to a cyberthreat requires understanding its intent and capabilities. Context is the key to appropriate response.
role in the cybersecurity posture of the agency even if it’s not part of the security organization. And the cybersecurity branch needs to understand its obligation to provide input into IT procurement activities so that security is not an afterthought.
Often, the IT or security branch will procure a “best-of-breed” product without considering whether and how it will interact with existing tools. If an agency buys
the best tool for a problem but no one is watching the output or it cannot automate/ orchestrate with the ecosystem, that tool is virtually useless.
In addition, cybersecurity teams often take a response role far behind the threat actor’s activities instead of in near-real time. If a silent alarm at a bank is triggered but the alarm company never receives the signal, the security staff likely won’t catch
the criminals in the act or stop them before they leave with anything valuable.
When the IT and cybersecurity departments work together, however, they can move efficiently toward the common goal of creating the most mature, resilient and secure enterprise possible.
Chris Usserman is principal security and threat intelligence advisor at Infoblox.
Infoblox helps provide a single source of truth.
Ralph Havens
President, Infoblox Federal
Increasing network complexity makes it more difficult and more important than ever to have a clear view of what’s on your network.
If you’re securing your networks based on incomplete information from a variety of sources, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Infoblox provides a single source of truth which strengthens security by focusing on:
» DNS Security across Mobile, On-Prem, and Cloud
» Contextualized Threat Intelligence
» Preventing Data Loss
» Authoritative Enterprise Management
» Seamless integration with many of your existing security capabilities
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