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Evolving your
security posture
Chris Usserman
Principal Security and Threat Intelligence Advisor, Infoblox
it holds the key to the discovery of advanced threats. An AI-enabled cybersecurity capability requires an ecosystem whose components play well together, either directly or through third- party security products. In addition, such systems must have enough of the right data from enough sources to process
and evaluate, and it often takes cloud resources to do that.
To strengthen cybersecurity in the government space, we need better processes and more collaboration. For example,
the IT branch needs to understand its
Automation and orchestration are integral to maturing your cybersecurity program
are constantly changing, which
means cyberspace is an increasingly dangerous domain. Among other traditional nefarious activities, hackers have begun hijacking organizations’ computing resources to mine cryptocurrency, using fileless malware to bypass antivirus software and exploiting the Domain Name System that is central to most internet activity.
To survive in such an environment, agencies must take a proactive approach and must understand that emerging cybersecurity tools won’t help if they don’t first gain a comprehensive view into all aspects of their enterprise.
The need for actionable intelligence
The worst three words in cybersecurity:
“I don’t know.” Many organizations in industry and government don’t have a
good understanding of what’s within their enterprises at any given moment or what their mobile systems are doing on and off premises, nor have they incorporated threat actors’ tactics, techniques, procedures, and motivations for conducting attacks.
Agencies should consider what their “crown jewels” are and what adversaries could do with them. Knowing how
to respond to a cyberthreat requires understanding its intent and capabilities. Context is the key to appropriate response.
Although “actionable intelligence” is an overused term, the intention is to answer the question: Do adversaries consider
the information valuable? Can they do something with it?
Automation and orchestration offer a
powerful way to combine cybersecurity tools and strategies to truly embrace both the proactive and reactive functions of cybersecurity. Automation often involves sharing data between two or more security tools while orchestration embraces validated and effective processes linked with skilled people and capable technology in a way that allows the technology to respond without human intervention.
Harnessing the power of AI
Although AI modeling is still relatively immature in end-user environments,
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