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Users should be able to access the cloud via a trusted connection and seamlessly flow from one FedRAMP-approved
app to another.
agencies to build multiple security stacks or buy expensive monthly managed services when everything could be incorporated into a shared-services or multi-tenant cloud platform.
By sharing services, agencies also share costs and lessons learned. For example, a multi-tenant cloud provider that addresses a security threat to one agency can apply the same patch to all agencies.
Putting technology ahead of policy
Corporate America is still far ahead
of the government technologically, but that’s a policy issue. We need to stop putting policy ahead of technology. OMB has done a good job of this with its TIC modernization pilots, but we need more proactive innovation.
Industry should allow agencies to try tools and pilot solutions, then the
government can write policy based on what has been learned. As a result, the government will be able to develop better policies to secure cloud services, which will help agencies modernize more quickly.
Stephen R. Kovac is vice president of global government and compliance at Zscaler.

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