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Ed Tech on the Go
Our new Campus Technology Insider podcast explores current trends and issues impacting technology leaders in higher education.
OVER THE SUMMER, Campus Technology embarked on an exciting new project: creating a series of audio stories designed for on-the-go listening. In other words, producing a monthly podcast. Our new Campus Technology Insider podcast features interviews with ed tech experts and practitioners, all sharing their insights, ideas and experiences in the world of higher education technology.
The podcast format is particularly appealing because it enables us to have engaging conversa- tions about ed tech and dive into current trends and issues in a timely way. A few of our recent episodes include:
HyFlex Learning in China: Tools, Tips and Training Strategies
China’s Xi’an Jiaotong-Liver-
pool University was one of
the first to shift to remote
learning when the COVID-19
pandemic hit earlier this year.
Now, it’s stepping things up
for the fall by outfitting class-
rooms for the HyFlex model.
In this episode, we talk with
Roland Sherwood, manager of the university’s edu- cational technologies team, to find out more.
How Indiana University Is Preparing Classrooms for Blended Learning Julie Johnston, director of learning spaces for Indiana University, has been work-
ing hard to make classrooms safe for students and faculty this fall. In this episode, she talks about how the new re-
ality of COVID-19 is impacting IU’s campuses, the challenges of preparing classrooms for the fall, and technology’s role in ensuring a successful teaching and learning experience.
Managing Higher Ed’s “New Normal”
In this episode, Dr. Elliot Stern, president of Saddle- back College in Southern Cal- ifornia, talks candidly about how his institution is making strategic decisions for the fall and what kinds of poli- cies and infrastructure they are putting in place to move forward.
A Futurist’s View of the Fall Semester
In this very first episode of the podcast, futurist Bryan Alexander talks about higher education’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and how the fall semester might play out as colleges and uni- versities reopen.
You can find the Campus Technology Insider pod- cast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify or Stitcher, or at campustechnology. com/podcast. Enjoy listening!
Rhea Kelly
Executive Editor
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