Page 4 - Campus Technology, October/November 2020
P. 4

vol. 34 no. 1
Executive Editor Rhea Kelly
Contributing Writers Mary Grush, Michael Horowitz, Dian Schaffhauser, Glenda Sims
Art Director Laurie Layman
Digital & Print Media Technician Joanne Kim
President and Group Publisher
Kevin O’Grady
Advertising and Sales
Associate Publisher, Education David Tucker Senior Sales Account Executive, Education Jean Dellarobba
Editorial Staff
Editorial Director, Education David Nagel
Art Staff
Art Director Laurie Layman
Senior Web Designer Martin Peace
Print Production Staff
Print Production Manager Tillie Carlin
Digital & Print Media Technician Joanne Kim
Lead Services
VP & GM, Lead Generation Eric Choi
Senior Manager, Marketing & Client Services Olivia Urizar
Marketing Coordinator Jessica Morelli
Group Circulation Director Irene Fincher Group Marketing Director Susan May Director, Audience Development Tracy Kerley
THE Journal
Editorial Director & Editor-in-Chief David Nagel
STEAM Universe
Editorial Director & Editor-in-Chief David Nagel
Editorial Director & Editor-in-Chief David Nagel Senior Editor Yvonne Marquez
Chief Executive Officer
Rajeev Kapur
Chief Financial Officer
Sanjay Tanwani
Chief Technology Officer
Erik A. Lindgren
Executive Vice President
Michael J. Valenti
Link Alander
Vice Chancellor and CIO, Lone Star College System (TX)
Jill Albin-Hill
CIO, Dominican University (IL)
Keith Bailey
Director, Office of Online Learning, University of Georgia
Edward Chapel
Senior Vice President, NJEDge; former VP for IT, Montclair State University (NJ)
Maya Georgieva
Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Digital Bodies
Thomas Hoover
CIO and Dean of the Library, University of Louisiana Monroe
Kim Cliett Long
Director, The Center for Excellence in Distance Learning, Wiley College (TX)
Alexandra M. Pickett
Associate Director, SUNY Learning Network, State University of New York
Sasanka Prabhala
Executive Director for Strategic Information and Business Intelligence, Wright State University (OH)

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