Page 37 - Campus Technology, May/June 2020
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VITaL provides access to extensive tools for immersive learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and simulation.
VITaL resources have been widely incorporated into SDSU’s curriculum, from 100- level undergraduate classes to 700-level doctoral research seminars, representing all colleges at the university.
But VITaL includes far more than access to higher-end technology. Research programs, conducted both within SDSU and with other academic institutions and industry partners, explore immersive pedagogies and technology applications, ranging from the study of holographic simulations in nursing education, to an examination of simulation tools and the Microsoft HoloLens for teaching the phases of the moon to introductory astronomy students, to the foundation of student organizations such as the Aztec Game Lab and SDSU Virtual Reality Club.
Dissemination of research done through the VITaL framework has spawned further interdisciplinary collaborations along with professional conferences and workshop vehicles for faculty development, including a system- wide CSU Immersive Learning Summit.
Besides the development and integration of immersive programs for teaching and learning, VITaL features intensive examinations of immersive pedagogies, as well as practical considerations for program implementation. Concepts of active
learning and student mastery, the transformation of students from novice to expert, and student understanding of content through problem-based learning are just a few of the research focus topics. Research demonstrating how innovation in immersive learning and simulation impacts student outcomes is highly relevant to both higher education strategies and industry trends.
Project lead James Frazee, SDSU’s senior academic technology officer and director of instructional technology services for the university, reflected on the continued relevance of VITaL: “In response to COVID-19, the move to remote instruction for all of SDSU (and all levels
Category: Education Futurists Institution: San Diego State University
Project: ViTaL (Virtual Immersive Teaching and Learning)
Project lead: James Frazee, senior academic technology officer and director, instructional technology services
Tech lineup: Apple, Asus, Google, HTC Vive, Lenovo, Magic Leap, Meta View (formerly Meta), Microsoft, MSI, Nikon, Oculus, Ricoh Theta, Samsung

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