Page 36 - Campus Technology, May/June 2020
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Supporting Teaching and Research with
Immersive Tools
San Diego State University has created a center for teaching with virtual-, augmented- and mixed-reality tools that supports research in the cross-curriculum implementation of immersive pedagogies.
By Meg Lloyd
Since its launch in the fall of 2017, San Diego State University’s VITaL initiative has provided faculty with extensive tools for immersive learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and simulation. SDSU faculty are supported with access to the
San Diego State University student using virtual reality headset
latest tools and more general applications from tech giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, HTC Vive, Nikon, Lenovo, Asus and Samsung, along with more specifically targeted offerings in immersive technology, for example, Magic Leap, Meta View, MSI, Oculus and Ricoh Theta.

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