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components. Wearing a Microsoft HoloLens, students would be able to explore as they needed, in order to understand the engine.
That was back in 2017. Soon, FVTC had a team of developers, instructors and administrators at work on a “Diesel HoloLens” project, in a partnership between the diesel department and FVTC’s Learning Innovations Department. That project was completed in 2018, and by 2019 it was dubbed “HoloDiesel”
Category: Teaching and Learning
Institution: Fox Valley Technical College
Project: HoloDiesel
Project lead: Josh Janikowski, applications developer
Tech lineup: Autodesk, Microsoft, Unity
and included as an important part of the diesel technician curriculum at the college.
HoloDiesel has brought many benefits to instruction at the college. One effect has been its popularity with students, who seem to be picking up on concepts more easily. Josh Janikowski, an applications developer at FVTC and project lead for HoloDiesel, commented on
students’ enthusiasm: “They don’t want to stop working with it, even after class,” he observed.
Students also speak highly of their experiences with HoloDiesel. “It’s one thing to hear about what goes on inside an engine, but it’s another thing to take it apart physically and see everything in motion work together,” noted Ethan Schenkenberger, speaking as a student in FVTC’s
FVTC developers created HoloDiesel in a collaborative effort between the college’s diesel department and Learning Innovations Department.

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