Page 39 - Campus Technology, May/June 2020
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iCare allows students to confidentially donate or request funds for use at any dining location on campus.
App Helps Feed
Students in Need
The University of California, Merced is addressing food insecurity on campus with a program that allows students to donate unused meal plan funds to peers.
By Rhea Kelly
In May 2016, University of California, Merced freshman Harrison Tom was finishing up his final exams when he realized he had a lot of money left over on his prepaid campus meal plan — more than he could use before the semester ended. “Reluctant to forfeit the remainder, Tom got creative,” recalled Abraham Cereno, associate director of the university’s CatCard Office. Tom used the money to buy 100 meal vouchers, and offered them up for free to fellow students on a UC Merced Facebook page.
“Get y’all selves’ fed and good luck on finals,”
wrote Tom. “Why let my money go to waste back to the university when I could help feed people who need the food? They are in college,
Category: Student Systems and Services
Institution: University of California, Merced
Project: iCare App Program
Project lead: Abraham Cereno, associate director, CatCard Office
Tech lineup: Developed in-house

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