Page 8 - Campus Technology, January/February 2020
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CAMPUS MANAGEMENT has released Student Verifica- tion, a new application for streamlining aspects of finan- cial aid processing. The tool helps colleges and universi- ties automate the workflows of rules compliance and verification as well as handle communications, according to the company. READ THE FULL STORY ONLINE.
MAXELL has introduced new lecture capture hard- ware that lets operators upload interactive video content and collaborate with classrooms across remote locations. The MA-XL1 “Lecture Capture Collaboration Station, as it’s called, allows for recording, saving and live streaming of content through simple pushbutton operations. But the unit itself allows for 10 different audio and video input sources, including HDMI, SDI, RGB and LAN ports. READ THE FULL STORY ONLINE.
OER COMMONS’ Open Author authoring tool consolidates the functions of three other utili- ties from OER Commons: the Resource Builder, Lesson Builder and Module Builder. The program features a what- you-see-is-what-you-get edi- tor with an accessibility check- er, copy and paste from Word and Excel, and a straightfor- ward math editor; tools for including images, with alt text and captions; and more. READ THE FULL STORY ONLINE.
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